Jack Daniels Blackberry Jam BBQ Sauce

This is one of my favorite recipes.  It’s one of the first ones I ever made myself from scratch.  I’ve played with it a ton over the years, but I finally got it just how I like it.  It’s think and sweet, with just a little tang on the end.  Goes well with any meat (in my opinion).



2 large lemons

2 small limes (juice of)

3 cloves of garlic, peeled and lightly crushed

3 slices of onion, about 1/4 inch thick

2 jalapenos

1 1/4 cup of Jack Daniels

1 1/4 cup of liquid (Dr. Pepper)

1 1/2 cups ketchup

1 1/2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce

4 tablespoons hot sauce

2 tablespoons of cider vinegar

3 teaspoons of liquid smoke

1 tablespoon of fresh ground black pepper

4 tablespoons of molasses

2 tablespoons of honey

3 ounces (1/2 can) of tomato paste

1 1/4 cup of seedless blackberry jam




  • Cut one of the lemons in half cross-wise and cut two 1/4 thick slices from the halves.  Remove any seeds from the slices.  Juice the remaining lemon and half of the second lemon (you can add more or less, depending on your tastes).
  • Add the lemon slices, lemon juice, and all remaining ingredients to a large heavy saucepan and slowly bring to a boil over medium heat.  Reduce the heat slightly to maintain a gentle simmer.Let the sauce cook down until it’s thick and richly flavored.
  • Taste for seasoning, and add more lemon juice, hot sauce, and/or cider vinegar as necessary and season with salt to taste.  Strain the sauce into a bowl and let cool to room temperature, then refrigerate, covered, until serving.  The sauce will keep for several months in the refrigerator.