Okay, so I promised you a cook post, and I’m making good on that promise right now. I didn’t reach for the stars or anything on this one. I kept it simple and decided to do some ribs; primarily because Fry’s had a sale on baby backs, and I have a weakness for baby backs. I also picked up some beef short ribs. They’re small and not the greatest, but pretty tasty after a trip through the smoker.

Here’s the lineup, all nicely coated with Oakridge Competition Pork and Beef Rub. I went through my stash of homemade rubs, and I haven’t gotten around to making more, and Oakridge is my go-to when it comes to dry rubs.Seriously folks, check them out if you haven’t already. I’m not an affiliate partner with them or anything….they’re just one of the best in the business, in my opinion.

Around 8:00 AM, everybody’s in the smoker. I was shooting for 220 degrees on this cook, and I’ll take 219. The smoker locked in at 219 and held solid, so I wasn’t going to mess with it over one degree. It was already around 100 degrees outside at this point, but the smell of post oak smoking away in the Backwoods greatly improved the air quality!

I didn’t do any wrapping, mopping, or spritzing on this cook, so there’s not much to show at this point. Well, except for cornbread! I loooove cornbread, and I’m always trying out new recipes. I found this one on allrecipes.com. They called it cornbread cake, and that’s pretty accurate. It’s sort of a combination of cornbread and cake, and it’s wonderful. I added some whole kernel corn to it because that’s how I like it. Came out pretty nice. One of the great things about barbecue is that you have a bunch of time on your hands to make sides and such.

How’s this for some beautiful cornbread?  You’re jealous I know it!

Okay, at 1:00 PM I took everybody out and checked for doneness. Usually the baby backs are just about finished at this point, and this was pretty much par for the course. I gave each of the racks a bend, and they just barely cracked at the surface. The beef ribs were mostly done too. They were about 198 degrees internal temp and getting pretty tender. I gave ’em all a nice even coat of sauce, put them back in the smoker, and opened the vents to raise up temps for the last bit. Again, I was out of homemade stuff, so I went with Sweet Baby Ray’s. Original for the baby backs, and sweet vidalia onion for the short ribs.

At around 1:40 PM, I got what I was looking for from the pork ribs, so out they came. About 20-30 minutes later the beef ribs followed. Here’s how it all turned out:

I didn’t get much in the way of a smoke ring (I’m always hit and miss with smoke rings…), but the ribs themselves were gorgeous, if I do say so myself.  And I just did!


My oh my, that cornbread!


Plated up with some homemade slaw as a side, and that was that:


So there it is, my first cook post.  Nothing special, but everything was tasty, so all in all a good cook.  Hope you enjoyed.  Pleaee feel free to comment below.  Thanks for lookin’!