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Hey there! I’m Tommy, and welcome to my site. Let me start out by telling you what I’m not. I’m not a pitmaster. I’m not a restaurant owner. I’m not a chef. I’m not an award winning competition barbecue master.

I’m just me. Just a guy. A guy who loves barbecue. I love to create it. I love to eat it. I really love to read and talk about it. Most of all, I love to help other people get started out with barbecue.

I’m that guy at the office. The one people go to when they want to talk about barbecue and cooking. The one they run to tell when there’s a meat sale somewhere (that’s one of my favorite parts about being me!). I’m the one they come to when they want to learn how to make the delicious things I bring in from time to time.

That’s what led me to create this page in the first place. I love to teach. I’ve always been that way. I figured what better way to get my thoughts, opinions, and recommendations out there. I just never did it before because of all the things I’m not (see above). Now I’m doing it because of all the things I am. Experienced, patient, smart, and a lover of all things barbecue.

I may not be all those things I listed above, but I’m pretty damn good at this. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and I hope you learn something…or at least get some tasty ideas. Keep smoking!

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  I was sort of on the fence about whether to post this up or not, since I consider it more of an idea as opposed to a recipe. In addition to a backyard BBQ'er, I'm also a pretty good baker.  When I hear the word "recipe," I think of an ingredient list with...